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An experienced team of drone pilots, offering a comprehensive range of surveying services to a wide portfolio of Clients, from Architects, Designers, & Engineers, to Property Developers and building owners, and everything in between including events to promotions.  Personalising our offerings to ensure outstanding results for you and your clients.

Our experience and professional approach will ensure that your project can be planned safely, and delivered within the law.

Our safety record and ongoing relationship with the CAA and airspace authorities means that we can steer you through the often complicated process of signing off an aerial job, making it safe, legal and accountable.

There can be a lot to organise in the planning stage, but we’ve worked with high-profile clients in some of the most challenging and congested environments out there including International Airports, so you can rest assured that if it’s possible, we can make it happen.

Prior to and upon arriving at the location, our pilot will complete a rick assessment to ensure the safety of you, observers and the general public before commencing any flight.

Our drones have a flight time of between 20 and 31 minutes, rest assured we have plenty of batteries with us to cover a full days flying

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